"Being a student of astrology is like having a super-power allowing me to make the best decisions in life. I have access to a broader perspective, more patience and understanding for myself and my loved one's. Thank you for sharing these teachings!

- Alta Powell

Hi, my name is Anjani.

I'm happy you are here!

I've been practicing the healing arts professionally since 1998, starting as a hospital corpsman in the US Navy and progressing through yoga, ayurveda and massage therapy, herbalism, nutrition counseling, and astrology. As a continued student of wisdom teachings, the importance of practical application into daily life is paramount to how I learn and teach. The classes you find at Awake in the Dream School are bridges between the numinous and mundane, with practical application to your life.

Whether you are a seasoned astrologer seeking to deepen your understanding or a curious seeker embarking on a transformative path, Awake in Dream School offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the healing dimensions of astrology. Join us on this awe-inspiring voyage of self-discovery, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary insight, and awaken the profound healing potential within yourself and others.